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Mother Bear's Bakery

Hutton Settlement Donations

Learn more about what we do for Hutton below!

What is Hutton?​

The Hutton Settlement is a children's home, which is a safe and stable alternative to foster care. Learn more about their mission at  

What's with the donations?

No child should be forgotten during any holiday. Mother Bear's Bakery has raised money two years in a row to be able to bring treats to the children at the Hutton Settlement during Christmas, Easter 2022, and we will be doing the same thing this coming Christmas! Help us cover the costs by donating and we will hold a drawing! Two winners will receive goodies from us. Everyone who donates will get the same number of entries as the dollar amount they donate. 

How do I donate?

We can take donations using Cashapp, Venmo, Cash or even a check!

Our cashtag is $motherbearsbakery

Our Venmo is @MotherBear2

Cash donations can be made in person at any event we're at, or any pop-up sale we do! You can even add your donation to any purchase you make! Be sure to include your name and phone number to your donations so we can contact you if you win the raffle prize!